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Take a peek at Lumber and Salt: The Spin

DSC_1670Take a peek at Lumber and Salt: The Spin

Last Sunday, I found myself at Material Objects, a store in Jamesport that specializes in antiques and repurposed objects, and it occurred to me — I need to know more about where these amazing concepts are coming from.

So I met the man behind the inspiration at his new Sound Avenue store, Lumber and Salt, this week.

John Mazur is a designer by trade, but the reality is he is so much more. His stuff is like conception and design on steroids. A huge resource for rock star-worthy materials, he goes from industrial to chic without even trying.

Manhattan and North Fork-based with strong ties to L.A., John will literally sketch something out on a piece of paper and blow your mind. He handles all aspects of construction from design to execution. You name it, he does it. He can also tweak his fabulous finds to make them work for whatever concept you might have in mind

After spending some time with John, you can quickly see he just has amazing style. And I can safely say that if that you don’t, he will make it look as if you do.

He took me on a tour of his new space, which opened earlier this month. Expect repurposed antiques, vintage building materials and ideas for your home with a café and farm stand soon to come. Some of the coolest pieces he showed us were a 1930s chandelier and an enormous wooden gate that would look perfect as an entrance to a picturesque North Fork estate.

Check out our video from my visit below. And see you next time on The Spin!

Visit him at:
John Mazur & Co. Inc / Lumber+Salt
5570 Sound Avenue, west of Pier Avenue and Manor Lane

Material Objects Inc.
Also home of Sherwood House Vineyards
1291 Main Road

Reach him at:
Call (917) 687-0063 for appointments.