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Don’t just take my word for it.

Take theirs!

My husband and I were interested in purchasing a home on the north fork and the best decision we made was to contact Sheri Winter Parker to represent us. Sheri is deeply connected to the whole region and she was a true partner in helping us find our dream home. We loved working with Sheri and thoroughly recommend her for any North Fork real estate needs.

From Sam Grasslee and Louis Palacios

“Sheri came to us through a recommendation when we embarked on selling our much loved home in Southold and we could not be happier with the results. From the very beginning, she listened to what made sense for us and made it work. We were barely inconvenienced by the showings, we completely deferred to her unmatched expertise during negotiations, and we used multiple people she recommended for work needed along the way-all excellent. Ideally we wanted to enjoy the house for one last summer, to sell furnished if possible and to clear a certain figure financially. We signed the contract on Labor Day weekend, sold the house furnished and got the price we were looking for. She made selling a house we truly loved, which contained years of memories, much easier than we could have anticipated and we consider ourselves lucky to have found her.”

The Best Family

What can we say about Sheri? She clearly loves what she does and brings tremendous professionalism, acumen, energy, and optimism to the process of searching for a home, which lowered our overall stress level. She’s a force on the North Fork but was never too busy or distracted to give us her personal attention during our search. She listened to our feedback and didn’t waste our time with properties that weren’t going to work for us. And when we couldn’t make time to see a new property, she visited them and sent us video with her analysis and commentary. She was incredibly responsive when we had questions about the property we ended up purchasing and when she didn’t have an answer, she turned over rocks until she found them. And since she is so plugged in to the North Fork, Sheri always had great recommendations for us when we needed them.

Brett Moskowitz and Perri Dorset

Thanks for absolutely everything. We got beautiful weather for moving.

It's been so fun to work with you. I hope we have another chance to work together.

Valerie Feigen and Steven Eisman

Working with Sheri was a dream. I could relax knowing I was getting the best advice from the best agent on the North Fork. She knows the market inside and out so I absolutely trusted her with pricing and selling my house. She is very easy to communicate with, in fact it’s a pleasure, and she is super responsive. When it came down to negotiating terms, she really looked out for me and made sure that the terms worked for me and my schedule. She is a consummate professional and at the top of her game.

Mary Farley

We have worked with Sheri Winter Parker over a number of years. She is an extraordinary, determined and talented real estate professional. She is honest, direct and clear. It has been a delight to work with her and most of all she has always achieved the results we agreed! I cannot recommend her more highly.

Lord and Lady Mendoza

We have been working with Sheri exclusively since 2017, and we quickly realized how much of a difference maker she is, and why she came so highly recommended. She is a consummate professional, someone who genuinely listens to and understands her clients, advises and manages expectations, is always fully engaged, and a strategic thinker with a deep knowledge and pulse on the market which is unparalleled. She is never short-sighted and instead focused on building long-term relationships with her clients, based on a foundation of honesty, integrity and trust. Sheri is who you want in your corner, and who you want on your team.

Vito and Lena Tanzi

Quite simply put, if you want to sell your home on the North Fork, there’s only one person to choose and that is Sheri. I’ve never seen someone go as far above and beyond and Sheri did. She was present for every aspect of the transaction, she absolutely acted in our best interest and ultimately accomplished what we thought might not have been possible. 10’s across the boards for Sheri.

Rich Martino

Thank you Sheri Winter Parker for handling our listing in such a professional way. Your confidence, knowledge of the local market and marketing the house were top notch! If we start another project on the North Fork we will be reaching out to you for your expertise.

Fred J. Fragola

Sheri is professional, knowledgeable, and on top of all the details. She constantly follows up and follows through with each entity involved in a real estate transaction. We had a complicated deal to get done and her communication was instrumental in being able to move it forward to closing. If she was not involved in the deal it may not have gone through. I will definitely work with her on future real estate deals. Thank you Sheri.


Sheri, Queen of all things.
We can’t thank you enough for such a fun experience. And the insane bubbly to boot .. for years we watched from afar as you took control of the NOFO real estate. I love a success story and you are it !! We were so thrilled you took on our little cottage in a sea of mansions. Hope to see you soon. Thank you.


Sheri did an amazing job for the estate of Robert M Schreiber. We highly recommend her. She represented the seller and buyer fairly and professionally.

Barbara & Dick Screiber

Sheri is the only broker I’ve worked with where every show is a hit. Never steers me wrong.
Thank you for nailing it !

Thomas Juul-Hansen

Thank you for everything! We could not be more pleased!

Dave & Ben

Thank YOU! Was a pleasure working with you.

Tom Alexander & Wade Guyton

We are writing to offer our gratitude and praise for Sheri Winter Parker, whose assistance during the sale of our family’s summer home was especially valuable. Sheri was always available whenever we called with a question, and in this way she helped us successfully navigate the challenges of selling a home to which we had a strong emotional connection. Sheri’s sensitivity to our concerns, experience as a realtor, and overall understanding of our family dynamic qualify her as a consummate professional and a reliable advisor. Indeed, over the course of our engagement with Sheri, she has become a trusted friend to us all, and we plan to consult with her for any future real estate transactions.

Tom Simon & Susan Pagano

Sheri is one of the most talented real estate brokers I have worked with. Great with clients in listening to their needs and tailoring a plan for each. Has a unique insight into how to get a transaction done with great talent and tenacity on the negotiating process.

Jeff BassGRI, CDPE, Senior Managing Broker/ Director of Training East End, The Corcoran Group

Sheri without you this never would have happed. You are best agent we have ever met by a long shot.

Martin Hale JR.

It is always nice to be able to trust the little nudge we all need to make a big decision, and trust is what Sheri provides with our business and real estate interests.

Dave WitzkeAlbertson Marine

Hi, you are truly the best and I have deep gratitude for you. You worked your fanny off!!! xoxo

Jenn Stanton

Thanks for all of your guidance patience and knowledge. I know why you’re the number one broker out east.

Jeff Hass

You are beyond special. God has sent me angels before, but none quite like Sheri Winter Clarry. From the bottom, top and middle of my heart, thank you.

Jacqueline Potdevin

Thank you! Thank you! We feel so fortunate to have connected with you over six years ago when you led us to buy “Haywaters” – where we enjoyed some of our most treasured moments as a family.

Sarah and Sean

Sheri is without a doubt the best Real Estate agent I have had the pleasure of working with. Her responsiveness is off the charts. Her knowledge of the local market is unquestioned. Personable, tough, but practical, and able to get complex deals done that others will lose.

Paul Hatch

Sheri, thanks for your gift, we’ll pop the cork at our family dinner tonight. But more importantly, thank you for being so entirely awesome throughout this entire process. Russo and I enjoyed every minute we spent with you and trusted your instincts every step of the way. We wish we had another house to sell!


Thank you so much Sheri! You have been a delight throughout!! Such a pleasure to work with.

Neil & Sharon

Holy smokes. Can’t believe it. You are one hell of an agent.

T.C. Quinn

We wanted to thank you again for all your help in the sale of our house which, as you know, was bittersweet for us. Saying goodbye to our dream “Mhouse” was not easy for us, but your professionalism and guidance helped us ease into a “sale mode”. We now realize it was the right thing to so. We trusted you every step of the way and it was your respect for our wishes that helped us through these emotional days when time came for the big decision to sell our home of 20 years on the Northfork.

Ray & Geert

Hi… Steve just came home with six copies of the Northfork homes magazine never before have I felt so understood thank you so much for your kind and beautiful words it meant everything to me… unfortunately for the rest of the world the house is SOLD… thanks to you. I knew you were my girls before we ever met I love you Shari. Thanks for everything. Make a wonderful holiday for you and your family. Hug Paris for me. Enjoy your facial… soooo jealous! #thetrainer I die!!!!! I’ll be on NY on the 12-20 call me. Let’s have dinner <3. Love you to for ever and beyond… The last gift 670 Old Salt Road gave me was you.

Amy & Steve Licatta

Sheri is the absolute best in North Fork real estate. We’ve been through three closings under her care over the last 8 years. And no doubt, all were 100% successful due to Sheri’s expert guidance and skillful handling. Regardless of price point, her commitment was unwavering. No one will work harder on your behalf. Sheri is sharp. A real strategic thinker – guiding us through to close the deal, always respecting our financial boundaries. Even the smoothest transaction has its hiccups and Sheri is so calm under pressure and super well-respected among her colleagues. And best of all, working with Sheri is a lot of fun!

Sean & Sarah Apgar

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Just wanted to let you know we are totally enjoying the new house. It is just an amazing little piece of heaven! Thank you for your part in it- it was a pleasure working with you and I wish you the very best!

Mary Caputo