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These North Fork farms make cooking a breeze: The Spin

CSA programs offer meal and box-type programs locally. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

CSA programs offer meal and box-type programs locally. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Everyone loves convenience, right? The concept of home-delivered meals with fresh ingredients you can cook yourself has taken a little while to catch on. But with companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh doing so well, it seems as though it finally has.

And guess what? You can create your own versions right here on the North Fork. As a bonus, you get to know the people growing and raising your food.

These local purveyors actually encourage you to come and visit their farms so you can see the who, what and where. Many also offer everything you need to make a full meal, recipes included.

There is super exciting stuff happening at the following North Fork farms. Sign me up!

Goodale Farms

Goodale offers boxed home delivery of your cook-at-home groceries with produce, dairy and meat options. The program is offered year round and includes recipes.

For $75 per week (billed monthly) you get 2 to 3 pounds of pastured beef or pork, your choice of 3 dairy items (i.e. a 1/2 gallon of milk, dozen eggs and pint of yogurt) and 4 to 7 fruits and vegetables.

The dairy, meat and some of the produce come from the farm. The rest is sourced from other local providers. They are seriously covering all bases here and farmer Hal Goodale is on a mission to help everyone eat better.

Sign up soon (email as Goodale is about to fill their quota for the year. Don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning.

Deep Roots Farm

Deep Roots Farm has limited space left in its vegetable CSA program. Eggs are available for most of the year and chickens will be available starting Memorial Day.

While this isn’t delivered to your door, Deep Roots does offer helpful recipes in their weekly email blast, including their famous frittata recipe — perfect to make with those incredible eggs of theirs.

To sign up for Deep Roots’ newsletter or CSA program, email

Sang Lee Farms

Sang Lee Farms offers weekly home delivery as well as local pickup. Get your orders in by Sunday night for Wednesday delivery.

Homemade vegan soups, pestos, jarred and baked goods are available to order online.

At the farm stand in Peconic, stir fry packs comes complete with their own recipe to make a meal without an added protein. While Sang Lee is a certified organic vegetable farm, they do offer beef, pork and lamb from other likeminded farms.

Oh, and their soups and prepared salads are amazing! I can tell you that their Lacinato Kale Salad will last a week in the marinade, which helps break it down so it’s easily digestible.

It’s one of my favorite things about summer.

That and the Joe and Liza’s chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, which are my wicked addiction. And thankfully Sang Lee sells them as well!

To sign up for home delivery, visit their online store at