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Things to consider before adding carpet to your home

By November 22, 2017February 26th, 2018No Comments
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8 things to consider when adding carpet to your bedroom

By Georgia Madden


Plush, velvety carpet is a wonderful thing to wake up to in the morning. It’s also a practical choice, adding warmth and acoustic protection to a room that’s all about relaxation. We’ve asked three experts to discuss what you need to know if you’re in the market for new soft flooring for your bedroom.

Why Carpet?

The bedroom is a sanctuary for many of us — somewhere we can escape to and recharge for the day ahead. Few things say relaxation better than the feel of soft, luxurious carpet underfoot, says Harriet Isaac-Cole, interior architect at design firm The Designory. “Carpet adds a layer of softness and warmth that hard floor sometimes can’t give you,” she says.

And unlike busy parts of the home such as the hallway and family room, where practicality is likely to steer your design choices, low-traffic bedrooms give you license to indulge in sophisticated materials such as plush and oversized loop-pile carpet.

“Most of our customers will select a more luxurious carpet option for their bedroom compared with the carpet they choose for other areas of the home,” says Jason Verstak, group manager for marketing at Choices Flooring.

Color Trends

Darker hues are dominating in bedroom carpet color choices these days, Isaac-Cole says. “This year it’s all about creating a cozy, luxurious atmosphere in the master bedroom, a retreat away from the rest of the house. As a result, we’re seeing darker colors in plush finishes coming through.”

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