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Open shelving keeps everything looking spacious and airy in this modern kitchen. Not only are many items easily accessible while cooking, but the shelving provides the opportunity to display pretty items like pitchers, cutting boards and serving plates.

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Open shelving on one wall adds interest to the room while allowing you to display a few choice pieces. As with this room, the larger, less-used items are always placed on the top shelf.

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A small breakfast nook is a great place to add open shelving. Placed above the coffee maker, it makes an ideal spot to display your coffee cup collection for an eclectic café feel.

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Rustic wood shelving with sleek, modern dishes is an unexpected contrast in a kitchen with coordinating cabinetry. With the display, play with dish styles such as glass, ceramic, wood and clay.

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The floating maple cubbies in this kitchen are a unique take on open-concept kitchens. Modern and minimalist, it calls for some creativity when it comes to shopping for dishes.

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Long, clean lines and royal textures of gold and marble characterize this kitchen with floating shelves. No need to break up open shelving if there’s a window in the way—simply use long shelves that go across the expanse of the room.

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As this space demonstrates, open shelving can be stylish and utilitarian at the same time. Made of stainless steel, these shelves carry pantry staples in glass jars rather than the usual dishware and glassware.

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With otherwise closed cupboards, this kitchen utilizes open shelving for the bar area. Reflective surfaces such as glass and a mirrored backsplash work together to create the illusion of space.

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This DIY kitchen uses wooden boards for both the shelving and the countertops, creating a unified look. Blue and white dishes gives a casual vibe.

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Go bold with color and contrast like this country-style kitchen. Open corner shelving shows off bright green dishes and unique glassware, while wall hooks hang teacups and more.

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Open shelving doesn’t have to take up an entire wall. This space-saving kitchen uses a single, top-of-the-cupboard shelf for teapots, oversized bowls, and vases.

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Below-cupboard shelving works just as well. This art deco-inspired kitchen has a single marble shelf for easy access to water glasses, bowls, and plates.

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This small kitchen is opened up by ample open shelving. Design tip: place monochromatic dishes on the lower shelf and reserve the top shelf for décor pieces.

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White dishes are always a good bet when choosing what to display on open kitchen shelves. These shelves add interest to a space that would have otherwise boasted a boxy cupboard.

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“Floating” is one of the most popular open-shelf trends. Modern, minimalist and functional, they provide the perfect way to showcase house plants, glassware or pottery, as in this kitchen.

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