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The $15 million sale of Martha Clara Vineyards in Riverhead to the Rivero-González family—a Mexican wine producer in Parras, Coahuila—was announced last Wednesday. The sale closed on April 20.

“The Rivero-González family has 15 years of experience in the Mexican wine industry and is excited about this acquisition, which will help the members of the family expand their interests beyond Mexico,” said María 
Rivero, who was appointed CEO of the acquisition.

The 205-acre farm, including the 113 acres of grapevine, nine barns, three cottages, manor house, a wine club gallery, event and tasting rooms, and culinary education center, were included in the sale.

In 1978, when the Entenmann family bakery giants agreed to sell the famous Brooklyn-based bakery, Robert Entenmann had bought a Riverhead potato farm and transformed it into a thoroughbred race farm: Big E Farm. Mr. Entenmann decided to plant 18 acres of vineyard. He then planted 100 additional acres of vine over the following four years. Mr. Entenmann named the winery after his mother, Martha Clara. His family also owned a home in Montauk—where he kept his boats. Mr. Entenmann died in September 2016.

Now, the property is in the hands of María Rivero.

“Likewise, the Riveros are willing to work with the local community in order to encourage and enhance the legacy of the former owners of Martha Clara Winery in a successful way,” Ms. Rivero said.

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