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You worked in marketing for Ralph Lauren. What made you turn to real estate?

I’ve been in and around the business for many years – during my senior year in high school and freshman year of college I worked for a broker in Saddle River, NJ. I was enthralled with the market, and by 23 I owned my own property. Before the move to Ralph Lauren Media I worked for aManhattan developer by the name of M.J. Raynes as well as MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc., which gave me insight into the developer side of property, which I also found fascinating.


Where are the best values right now, North Fork or the Hamptons?

North Fork, definitely. It’s a different climate, in a sense, from the Hamptons – it’s very laid-back and low-key. There’s still great shopping, though. And we have spectacular beaches. A lot of properties have become available on the water in the North Fork; there was a lack in previous years.


What are the most common mistakes made by buyers and sellers?

Honestly number one is not working with a great broker. There’s a lot of information involved in sizable transactions, and your broker plays an integral role in ensuring all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Choose someone who will get the job done.


Are there any simple DIY projects that owners can undertake to increase the value of their home?

Curb appeal is essential. When pulling up to a property a prospective buyer should be presented with a well-manicured lawn, pretty flowerbeds and a properly looked-after driveway. When it comes to showing a home, I have a mantra about clutter: Less is best! Also, if you can bear it, remove all personal pictures-the buyers want to imagine themselves, not you, in the house.


What’s more popular at the moment: Cozy and quaint or minimalist and chic?

Actually it’s a 50/50 mixture. What’s very fashionable right now are old barns that have been renovated and are completely modern inside.


What are some of your favorite hangout spots?

The Frisky Oyster in Greenport or The North Fork Table & Inn. Occasionally I’ll do dinners in, but I definitely enjoy my evenings out.