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Forgive yourself if in July you close your eyes, breathe in the clean air, and think you are in Provence. The unmistakable scent of lavender permeates the air in East Marion, where half a dozen varieties grow on a 17-acre farm of purple waves right on Main Road.

East Marion, the first town east of Greenport, also has the advantage of gorgeous north and south shorelines. The iconic North Fork beach, Rocky Point, is one of its best kept secrets. It is 67 steps from the top of the bluff down to this pebble beach on the Long Island Sound. Huge boulders jut out of the water and along the beach, adding swirl to the current. They are nature’s thrones.

Sheri’s picks for fabulous and super yummy East Marion hotspots:

Lavender By the Bay, Sep’s Farm, Hellenic Snack Bar and Restaurant