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The South Fork’s loss may be the North Fork’s gain, as stressed-out Hamptonites are selling their homes for the mellower and more low-key pastures along the Long Island Sound. Sheri Winter Clarry, one of the area’s top brokers with Corcoran, reports the entire North Fork is hopping with activity.


This region has the finest wineries and vineyards on the East Coast, as well as some of the best waterfront rental deals and estates. The towns resemble New England farming villages of the early 1900s, with antiques stores everywhere and fewer traffic problems. Even better, it’s devoid of the nightlife scenes that can make the Hamptons feel like an extension of the Meatpacking District.


“I kind of liken it to the old SoHo when the artists arrived,” says Clarry, whose listing repertoire ranges from cottages for $499,000 to seasonal rentals for $150,000. “It’s so relaxed out here. Buyers respond to that.”


The North Fork is no secret, of course. Famous folk have long been drawn to the area, from Albert Einstein, who summered in Cutchogue, to Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Elijah Wood, who caused a stir when they rented North Fork homes while making The Romantics last fall.


One of Clarry’s listings is a $150,000 seasonal rental on Long Island Sound in East Marion. The 24-acre estate has 800 feet of beachfront, a pool and rolling hills with picket fences and stone walls.


“It’s a European villa on the water in Long Island,” says Clarry, who notes the house should hit the for-sale market soon, with an official price pending.