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Color of the Year

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Color of the Year


Pantone, the self-described “global authority on color,” has named Ultra Violet as the color of the year for 2018. “Nuanced and full of emotion, the depth of Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity,” the company writes. Here are some ways to take a walk on the wilder side of the color palette:

Someone Who Inspired Us

We can’t help but admire the work of Brooklyn-based artist and designer Fernando Mastrangelo. His furniture—made of powdered glass, dyed sand, silica and coffee—is “inspired by the perfect compositions of landscapes and horizons, which are at once harsh and geometric, yet soft and gentle,” Mastrangelo told The Architect’s Newspaper.

Add It to Your Wishlist

This oil painting by Tracy Helgeson, an artist based in upstate New York, offers a simple way to add a pop of purple to a room. “In these paintings she distills the contours of nature into bold swathes of color, where edges bleed into borders and then disappear. It’s about using color to explore form,” Carrie Haddad Gallery writes.

Check It Out

Group exhibition The Sleepless Hands is now on view at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The exhibition features nine artists—Bianca Argimon, Jennifer Vinegar Avery, Clarissa Baumann, Lucia Bru, Io Burgard, Anastasia Douka, Célia Gondol (whose work is pictured above), DH McNabb and Lucie Picandet—who took part in an artist residency program with Hermès.

Know Your Stuff

Not sure how to employ Pantone’s color of the year in your own home? Architectural Digest has three suggestions: Use it as an accent, soften it with other purples, pinks and blues, and embrace a moody theme. “Whether you end up with a few sprigs of lilac in a jar, a pair of purple throw pillows, or a vintage rug with a few violet threads in it,” AD advises, “the easiest way to start decorating with a new color is to take baby steps.”

Home Goals


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