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6 Ways to Transform Your Blank Walls

By November 10, 2017February 26th, 2018No Comments
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By Amy Buxton

Plain walls are literally just incredible displays waiting to happen and all you need to do to tap into the potential they offer is unleash your inner interior designer. Well, that and a little creativity! The thing is, not all of us are naturally imaginative and artistic, so we can use a little inspiration to get us started, which is why we have some brilliant ideas for you to take and make your own today! Wherever you have a plain wall, from your kitchen to your bathroom, you can add some serious extra pizazz, if you try a few of these ideas out!

1. Picture gallery walls.

scandinavian Living room by alba najera

You don’t need to have an amazing collection of fine art to start a gallery wall! Posters, photos, scribbles and even napkins from amazing vacations will all look great in frames, up on your wall. It’ll be such a personal collection as well. If you’re an avid vinyl collector, you can even use your favorite sleeves as gallery art!

2. Hanging plants.

 Interior landscaping by Adventive


Wall-mounted planters are terrific, as they allow you to have more plants than you might have thought possible and, if you choose draping or hanging leafy friends, the visual impact can be quite something! Like having creepers inside your home!

3. Stylish typography.

modern Living room by Herstal A/S

Typography has soared in popularity in recent years and what could be nicer than the family’s initials up on your walls? Simple MDF letters can be painted, or cardboard varieties are perfect for upcycling with some decoupage and paint.


4. Large mirrors.

 Artwork by Black and Milk | Interior Design | London

Practical and beautiful, large mirrors are always a wonderful way to add extra style and character to plain walls and they are useful in every room! From bedrooms to hallways, everywhere looks bigger, brighter and more beautiful with a mirror or two!

5. Non-permanent decals.

 Walls & flooring by Vinyl Impression


Wall decals are great when you have a pleasing base color on your walls already, but want to just give them a little extra oomph! Easy to apply, gorgeous to look at and simple to remove, leaving no damage, this is a cost-effective and easy way to pimp up your walls temporarily.

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