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12 ways to make your home more elegant

By November 17, 2017February 26th, 2018No Comments
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12 Elegant Ideas for Styling Up Your Home!

Decorating a house is a long process, but we think we can break it down into more manageable chunks and easy to follow tips, by observing what professional decorators seek to do for their clients. In terms of creating an elegant home, however, you need to follow our tips and maintain good focus, as it is so easy to start going off on a tangent, which usually leads to eclectic finishes and not elegant ones.

From your living room to your bedroom, each of these tips are translatable and will give you fast and easy access to interior elegance that may have felt out of reach previously, so shall we get started? Your home will thank you for it!

1. Hone your color palette.

modern Living room by MARIANGEL COGHLAN

Instead of choosing a variety of different colors for every room in your home, we suggest that you select an overarching scheme and stick to it. A more muted design aesthetic will always blend well and look far more elegant than a technicolor mish-mash!

2. Invest in your furniture.

scandinavian Living room by Homemate GmbH

We know that starter furniture seems like good value for money, but it is rarely good quality and WILL need replacing, which means that you’ll be buying things twice. Instead, we think you’ll be better off saving up a little longer and buying the best pieces you can, first time out.

3. Consider dramatic wall coverings.

tropical Living room by Pixers

Feature wallpaper, on just one wall per room, is a great and cost-effective way to add some serious style. Don’t forget to either stick with your chosen color palette or choose hues that will contrast beautifully, but not in a garish way and avoid fashionable prints, as they will quickly look dated.

4. A little art will go a long way.

eclectic Study/office by Pixers

Some framed art, whatever the subject, will always add new levels of elegance and sophistication to a home. Be consistent with your frame styles and you’ll tap into that really pretty curated gallery aesthetic.


5. House plants are invaluable.

 Interior landscaping by

House plants don’t just purify your air you know, they can totally change up the look and vibe of any room! Selecting a variety of sizes, shapes and planters will allow you to tap into the urban jungle look in an instant.

6. Select better lights.

scandinavian Living room by Connox

Your light shades have a far bigger impact on your decor than you might realize, so don’t simply choose cheap or plain shades when something a little fancier could elevate your whole space! Metallic shades are really big news right now.

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